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The garden multi-function cleaning shovel can not only clean garden moss and manganese steel sharp blades but also clean stubborn stickers such as walls, floors, and breeding sheds.
High wear-resistant carbon steel: The blade is made of thick high wear-resistant manganese steel, which is hardened by a special process, firm and durable, and easy to scratch.
Multifunctional cleaning: the utility model relates to a handy multifunctional shovel, which is used for quickly dealing with gardening problems, weeding, and moss, cleaning farm excrement, defrosting, removing small advertising stickers on floors and walls, etc.
Durable: The splice digger head is reinforced with multiple rivets, which are not easy to fall off and broken, and has a longer service life.
Easy Mounting Handle: The strong welded joint to the mounting handle is suitable for a variety of uses. The wooden handle hole and the nail bar are set to facilitate the installation of the handle.

Product Features :
Product weight: about 716g.
Product size: small shovel: 25 × twenty-one × 4cm (length x width x height).
Shovel: 26 × twenty-four × 4 cm.


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