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AN IRREPROACHABLE SERVICE: With the SUNTEC plate warmer, serve your dishes on plates at the ideal temperature. Meals kept warm do not get cold and your meats, vegetables, and all your dishes keep their flavor both intense and intact. Simply place your plates in the plate warmer and then start the automatic heating process.

FOR 10 PLATES: The TLW-7024 masterclass electric plate warmer can heat up to 10 plates at the same time, allowing you to place 2 plates per level. Plates heat up in 30-35 minutes. The heating process preserves your dishes and saves energy. So you can concentrate on cooking and preparing your meals.

IDEAL FOR BUFFETS: Just like the hot plate, this kitchen accessory is the perfect accompaniment to parties, weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions – when many guests are gathered around a buffet or a table and want to share a hot meal. A multi-talented appliance that heats up your dishes and guarantees their flavours.

DEAL FOR RESTAURANTS: In the catering industry as in the hotel industry, it is not uncommon for a half-cold dish to be sent back to the kitchen by the customer. With the SUNTEC plate warmer, dishes are served at the perfect temperature and they stay hot throughout the tasting. For even more satisfied customers!

WEEE No.: FR030716 | TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Power 200 W | Voltage 240V | Product dimensions 34 x 5 x 34 cm | Weight 1.5kg | Color gray / blue | 1.8m cable


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